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Author Topic: Bad band experiences  (Read 1092 times)
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« on: September 15, 2010, 11:47:52 AM »

It seems like a lot of musicians have these crazy egos and people like me who are open minded and willing to try anything are stuck with dealing with them.

In my last band, I was stuck with a 50 year old guy that had the mentality of a 100 year old. He was so backward and old fashioned. He had a belief that all his ideas were right and anyone else's was wrong. He tried to bully and manipulate everyone by saying that since he had all this experience, that he had the right ideas. Let me mention that he was always starting a new band, so he must be doing something wrong. Anyway, he had the same set list from 30 years ago. We would have to play "Mustang Sally" over and over again, because it was the "ultimate" rock song. He refused to learn any new songs that weren't on his list, even if it was an "Older" song. He would throw a hissy fit, because the rest of the band would be talking about metal, even though we weren't talking about playing it, just discussing it. He would play his old recordings from long ago and talk us all the way through the whole song. The worst thing he'd do is say "I'm right and you'll one day realize that I am right".

I did some research and found out he got kicked out of a band with another musician that I sorta knew. The other musician that was about 50 as well, but he didn't act like a geezer. Anyway he got sick of the same things from him as I did and to add on top of that he said the guy got drunk at their first and only show. The guy was making an ass out of himself messing up on his beloved "Mustang Sally" and trying to unsuccessfully coach the crowd into singing the chorus.

We had a band meeting. I brought all of this stuff up and he just denied it. I told him he was trying to be a bully and be manipulative. He got angry at me and I asked him "why are you mad? you mad at me for hitting the nail on the head?"

I like playing both classic rock and metal, but after jamming with the metal musicians, it seems to be more fun for me and they seem easier to get along with. I know metal musicians can act like that too, but I've had too many experiences like this with classic rock. Now, at least at this point, I think I'll only exclusively play metal.

Anyone else want to share their horrible band experiences?

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« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2010, 07:06:30 PM »

I use to play in a blues band and I was like 14 at the time and the other dudes where 40 and 50 and they where all narrow minded.  I would be like can we do 12 bar blues in E or something and they would say no we are staying to the set list all the time and I was always stuck playing the same thing over and over. I was eventually kicked out and replaced by one of their older friends and they started doing 12 bar in E and that pissed me off. I prefer jamming with mates then forming a band with people I don't like

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