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Author Topic: Does anybody else here think horror movies are losing their flavor?  (Read 5426 times)

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« Reply #20 on: October 18, 2011, 11:34:39 PM »

Horror Movies have lost their touch, no doubt about it. You get the ones that jump scare you throughout as they cant build tension, the hilariously bad ones with horrible effects such as piranha 3D, gross ones like Human centipede and then they also remake old classics such as halloween. Yes horror movies have lost their flavour but hey at least paranormal activity 3 is coming out......

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« Reply #21 on: October 18, 2011, 11:39:00 PM »

your right alot of horror movies are junk. Well think about I dont thinks have changed very much. I figure its about 1 in 10 horror movies is good.This also applies to the past of horror movies, most are bad but they are some that do scare you. The ones i watch recently that i really really liked was paranormal activity 1 and 2. I cant wait till 3 its this weekend! Also Insidious was scary to me anyways and was still a sweet movie. The Crazies was decent. Also alot of the movies are moving aawy from horror but moving to gore. The saw series got famous off this, I liked those but after 4 they were just getting dumb but i watched them anyways cause i wanted tto see what happened.

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