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 on: 4 months ago 
Started by Maceman - Last post by Maceman
What's with this?

I'm not sure. What is that?

 on: 4 months ago 
Started by Maceman - Last post by Tha14GR
What's with this?

 on: 5 months ago 
Started by EMPBLMMMSD - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD
Have you ever played Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights on the 360? If so, has it ever locked up on you? It has locked up on my several times and I have had enough of that.

 on: 5 months ago 
Started by Maceman - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD
Started DKC3 onn my cousin's birthday.

 on: 5 months ago 
Started by DarkerDevotee - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD

 on: 5 months ago 
Started by DaAtte - Last post by DarkerDevotee
Bleed 1 and 2. Was recently on sale and one of my viewers on youtube have been telling me to give it a go for ages now. Thought i'd finally give in as it was going cheep. Pretty good games actually.

 on: 5 months ago 
Started by Refle18 - Last post by DarkerDevotee
Went back to playing Terraria after a good year or two of not playing it. Jumped into a multiplayer game. Very good fun. Forgot how good that game actually is. Other than that, I'm always playing Dead By Daylight. It's like a job that i have to do everyday  Grin I'm also trying to do a zero kill, never detected run of Dishonored. So far so good.

 on: 5 months ago 
Started by VeniVidiDeliqui - Last post by DarkerDevotee
The last game I completed was a little indie horror game called Investigator, which i recorded a playthough of (Not currently on my channel as of posting this though)
However the last game I completed off screen must have been Dishonored, which was years ago! I'm terrible at completing games. I tend to get about half way through, get distracted by another game and play that instead. Come back to the first game but start it from the beginning again, because it's been so long. get to the same point within the game, gets distracted.... never ending circle.  Grin

 on: 5 months ago 
Started by Maceman - Last post by DarkerDevotee
Hey, Im currently recording a few things:

An Elder Scroll Legend: Battlespire- PC (Doing a blind run. so far so good- Plays a lot like Daggerfall)
Dead Cells- PC
Dead By Daylight -PC
The void - PC
Then a load of 'one video, indie games' like Medusa's Labyrinth and Firewood- which were both really good short games.

Recently completed The last door [season one] and Dreaming Sarah on the channel as well.  Both also on PC

Upcoming games include playing Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2 - Xbox, which i started on the channel already, but I havent played it in ages, so, as requested I will be starting the game over, with a new character. I'm thinking giving the Moon Elf Necromancer a go.

 on: 5 months ago 
Started by DarkerDevotee - Last post by DarkerDevotee
Hello everyone,
Somehow i've only just discovered that this site exists. Found it because of a yt channel called EXPGamers, who are 2 amazing people that deserve more attention.
I however am also a youtuber, by the name DarkerDevotee. Love playing games, have been playing them ever since i was zero Tongue
Love all sorts of games and make video on many different genres. Game I enjoy playing the most are RPGs and Horrors. Lived my entire life being a huge Elder Scroll fan, have played the main 5 (Morrowind being my favorite) and I am now Tackling my way through 'An Elder Scroll Legend: Battlespire'. So far so good- Plays a lot like Daggerfall.  
If any one is interested, I'm also a fellow Ravenclaw who lives off tea and crumpets (Yes i am a typical Brit  Grin )

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