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Cleanse the Ginso Tree's Heart
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 on: 8 months ago 
Started by HelloJapan960 - Last post by GamesTunnel
I'd love to stream some day. I have tried, but my internet speed is very slow for uploading. It's marked as 1Mbps by ISP, but I'm normally getting 500Kbps. My broadcasts are getting stopped after a while because of that.

 on: 8 months ago 
Started by xXKurantXx - Last post by GamesTunnel
Thanks for the guide. It's still useful although it's a bit old. I was using Fraps for a long time, but it creates huge files and adds extra time to convert before I can edit the videos.

So I started using Nividia ShadowPlay. So far it's great and creates compressed files without needing me to convert like in Fraps.

 on: 8 months ago 
Started by Voltage - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD
I played this game. It's mighty disappointing and hard, in my opinion.

 on: 8 months ago 
Started by Maceman - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD
Transformers Dark of the Moon

 on: 8 months ago 
Started by Maceman - Last post by gamespub
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and I really liked it alot  Kiss

 on: 8 months ago 
Started by abe - Last post by gamespub
Prime Video on Demand "Shape of Water" was the last thing i bought on amazon, watched it with my sister and it was disturbing.   

 on: 8 months ago 
Started by VeniVidiDeliqui - Last post by gamespub
Just completed Jack Orlando: Director's Cut again after about 15 years - a pretty old point & click adventure game from 1997!  Cool

 on: 8 months ago 
Started by gamespage - Last post by gamespub
full spinach pizza  Cool

 on: 8 months ago 
Started by DaAtte - Last post by gamespub
The Next Big Thing (Point & Click Adventure from 2011) was on Steam Sale Grin

I just discovered the community - so this is my first contributed game here!  Roll Eyes

 on: 8 months ago 
Started by Mangadude901 - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD
Do you have videos set to Scheduled in the playlist? Those are considered Private if so.

I don't think so. Beesides, it seems to be fixed now.

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