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 on: 1 month ago 
Started by Maceman - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD
There are far fewer videos on that I don't think it would be too much of a benefit to support.

Vidme is being shut down anyway.

 on: 1 month ago 
Started by 4thajgplays - Last post by Maceman
We use the YouTube embed player, which should show ads and tracks views.

 on: 1 month ago 
Started by 4thajgplays - Last post by 4thajgplays
hey guys, i just realised that all the embedded youtube videos in my gameanyone account from youtube do not show any ads and the views i get from gameanyone do not count in youtube. please is this the way the site is because i joined gameanyone to increase my youtube revenue and views. if this is the case please lemme knw so i could delete my account

 on: 2 months ago 
Started by dragoon - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD
I’m still here as well!

Then let's keep this site active. Wink

 on: 2 months ago 
Started by dragoon - Last post by abe
I’m still here as well!

 on: 2 months ago 
Started by dragoon - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD
Don't go. I'm still here.

 on: 2 months ago 
Started by dragoon - Last post by dragoon
It seems this site isn't active these days. Farewell. It was awesome.

 on: 2 months ago 
Started by EMPBLMMMSD - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD
Do my views only count once now? Because I've seen one of my videos that have been viewed more than once by me, but it's stuck at 1. Does this count only on the video page? If not, is this a glitch? If so, is it just my internet connection or browser issue? If not, can this be fixed.

 on: 2 months ago 
Started by Maceman - Last post by KnightRazor
Some of you may already be aware, there are some details of our video restructuring mentioned over here:

In short, what is happening is we are dropping our video hosting system in favor of YouTube.

To restate what I said before:
YouTube has always been a great companion service to GameAnyone, and as YouTube expands it becomes even clearer. We are already behind on some features (4K, 8K, 360 degrees, HDR, 60+ FPS). There are many features that are still yet to come, some of which we don't have the infrastructure to support.

It will be impossible for us to keep up with YouTube in terms of video technologies, or to even maintain the hosting that we are currently offering. We currently host about 84,000 exclusive videos. You can imagine the cost to maintain this.

In comparison: we index over 1.5 million YouTube videos.

Our video hosting will go dark on October 17. It is important that if you have any exclusive videos on GameAnyone that you do not have backed up locally, that you download and transfer these to YouTube before that day. We have already transferred nearly 10,000 videos to the official GameAnyone YouTube channel, which will allow these videos to remain active. We will transfer another 100 videos per day until the video server goes dark.

To download the videos of yours that have not been transferred, go here:
This will provide links to each of the video files, as well as a count of the total videos at the bottom. You can use software such as the Firefox add-on DownThemAll, or other download managers to set up the downloads in just a few clicks.

Ideally we would continue our own video hosting and continue to improve it, but that is no longer possible. If there is anyone who doesn't have a fast enough Internet connection and needs assistance in transferring videos, please PM me asap and I can help by downloading the videos to my own drive to upload to YouTube over time.

Aaargh f***************k! So this is what's been going on with the exclusive videos. Even though I'm very late, could it still be possible to get my walkthroughs to GameAnyone's YouTube channel?

 on: 2 months ago 
Started by luke1618 - Last post by Maceman
Fixed.  Wink

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