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 on: 5 hours ago 
Started by Mangadude901 - Last post by Mangadude901
I feel I should also add something here: Should said playlists have achievements/trophies on them, make sure to mark which videos have them and mark their timestamp. This will make re-adding them much less time-consuming. (I speak from experience after readding my SR4 list)

 on: 1 day ago 
Started by FlamingRuby - Last post by Schweik222
"Three o'clock is always too late or too early for anything you want to do. "

 on: 1 day ago 
Started by Maceman - Last post by Schweik222
3681 thousands more to die

 on: 1 day ago 
Started by nguyenthitam - Last post by Schweik222
POKEMON GO is a nice game

 on: 3 days ago 
Started by abe - Last post by rynogt4
Just ordered a couple CDs from Gojira and DOLL$BOXX

 on: 3 days ago 
Started by abe - Last post by abe
I'm expecting "1001 classic commercials" tomorrow!

 on: 7 days ago 
Started by abe - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD
Just got FlatOut yesterday.

 on: 7 days ago 
Started by DaAtte - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD
Bought FlatOut for Xbox on

 on: 8 days ago 
Started by VeniVidiDeliqui - Last post by busaxo
Games is relax for my life

 on: 8 days ago 
Started by xXKurantXx - Last post by busaxo
It's impossible to satisfy everyone. There's always three sides: the ones who like, dislike and the ones who trololololol (FIRST! Tongue). Maybe one more, ehm, we can skip that.

Choose a game you would like to play, not the game that others would like to watch. If you choose later, then you know you want attention so you can stop now. And yeah, if you feel lazy, better leave it for a later time to edit

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