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 on: 14 days ago 
Started by EMPBLMMMSD - Last post by cryogentics
Honestly panicking over COPPA is the wrong thing to do. There's no way to truly police it, and after a few months most people will complete forget about it. Also I doubt GA's YT account has very little to do with COPPA, and more with GA claiming other people videos has there own. If I made a walkthrough of let's say Super Mario World years ago and it was a GA exclusive, and later on when they decided to get rid of the GA uploader and go to YouTube only, they decided to try and upload all Exclusives on their channel. Now who do you think got those view on YouTube for my Super Mario World videos. Certainly not me, but GA. GA was getting views on content the GA themselves did not make. In other words GA was stealing other people's videos for views. and people got tired of it. I love this site, but I feel getting rid of the uploader was on of the worse ideas they have ever done.

 on: 14 days ago 
Started by cryogentics - Last post by cryogentics
Could someone please delete the following walkthrough for me.

I would do it myself, but the artwork for it makes it impossible to click yes I want to delete.

 on: 18 days ago 
Started by s0k0rel0s - Last post by s0k0rel0s
Still nothing :/

 on: 18 days ago 
Started by s0k0rel0s - Last post by Maceman
The 'YT Update' button on the playlist edit page.

 on: 20 days ago 
Started by s0k0rel0s - Last post by s0k0rel0s
Gameanyone playlist

Youtube playlist

How can I fix it ?

 on: 20 days ago 
Started by abe - Last post by abe
Hopefully I’ll get “the quintessential monk” soon!

 on: 20 days ago 
Started by abe - Last post by abe
Did you get it?

 on: 20 days ago 
Started by rynogt4 - Last post by MetalSmasher86
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening on Switch has two difficulty settings: Normal and Hero.

 on: 25 days ago 
Started by xXKurantXx - Last post by dizmarealm
is anyone up for Unreal Gold coop or Sven Coop sometime ? Smiley

 on: 1 month ago 
Started by Maceman - Last post by EMPBLMMMSD
Since the GA YT channel is banned, does that mean the site will be shutdown by the end of this year?

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