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1  Welcome / Site & App Suggestions and Feature Requests / Game Request: Fire Emblem Warriors Fates Pack on: October 11, 2018, 05:45:42 AM
As I was cleaning up my Fire Emblem Warriors playlist and moving some of my DLC videos into a new playlist dedicated to their specific expansions, I noticed one of the expansions for the game was missing from GA. The Shadow Dragon and Awakening Packs are officially recognized by GA as expansions for Fire Emblem Warriors, but not the first expansion, the Fates Pack. So I would like to formally request the addition of the Fire Emblem Warriors Fates Pack as an expansion for the base game of Fire Emblem Warriors on Switch and 3DS.
2  Welcome / Site & App Suggestions and Feature Requests / Mega Man 11 Achievements on: October 08, 2018, 11:44:42 AM

        One Down, Seven to Go...   10
Complete 1 of the 8 stages.   
   Now We're Getting Somewhere   10
Complete 4 of the 8 stages.   
   Where's Wily?   10
Complete all 8 of the 8 stages.   
   Protector of Peace   30
Complete the game on Normal difficulty or harder.   
   The World's Best Hope   50
Complete the game on Superhero difficulty.   
   Mega Unstoppable   50
Complete the game on Normal difficulty or harder without getting a game over. (1st Play)   
   The Blue Flash   100
Complete the game on Normal difficulty or harder within 60 minutes. (1st Play)   
   Can't Improve on Perfection   40
Complete the game on Casual difficulty or harder without buying/using items or parts. (1st Play)   
   The Regulars   10
Destroy all types of Metall, Shield Attacker, Sniper Joe, Gabyoall, and Batton. (1st Play)   
   Location, Location, Location   10
Destroy a Tatepakkan from the back.   
   Brute Force   10
Destroy 10 blocking enemies using special weapons. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Bullet Blaster   10
Destroy 30 enemy projectiles. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Collateral Blammage   10
Destroy three or more enemies using a Shimobey explosion.   
   The Harder They Fall   10
Destroy 20 Crunch Don, Press Don, and Sniper Armor D in total. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Better You Than Me   5
Destroy a Mini Shpider using an acid pool, BBQ grill, or other environmental hazard.   
   Catch 'Em Off Guard   10
Destroy a Sniper Joe piloting a Sniper Armor D.   
   Your Work Here Is Done   15
Destroy an Arc Weldy obstacle.   
   Bullseye!   10
Defeat a Mawaru C using your Mega Buster without Speed Gear.   
   Guard Breaker   10
Defeat 30 enemies while their guard is broken. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Three Birds, One Stone   10
Defeat three or more enemies with one charge shot.   
   Area Secure   15
Destroy all types of Gabyoall, Elec Crosser, and Elec Xtender. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Everything-Proof   5
Run into an instant-death hazard without dying.   
   Speed Gear Master   10
Destroy 10 enemies during one Speed Gear use. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Power Gear Master   15
Defeat a boss using only Power Gear attacks. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Quick Draw   10
Destroy 100 enemies using Speed Gear. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   All Power, All The Time   15
Destroy 80 enemies using Power Gear. (1st Play) (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Firing at Max Power   10
Defeat an enemy using the Final Charge Shot.   
   Power Up   10
Use a special weapon while Power Gear is active.   
   Collector   15
Purchase five parts.   
   Things Are Looking 1-UP!   15
Use a Mystery Tank and turn an enemy into a 1-UP.   
   Built to Win   10
Get Bronze Rank or higher five times.   
   Tuned for Performance   10
Get Silver Rank or higher five times.   
   Programmed for Perfection   30
Get Gold Rank five times.   
   Gallery Gazer   10
Unlock and view all Gallery files.   
Secret Achievements
   No Getting Away This Time!   10
Complete Gear Fortress Stage 3.   
   Go Blue or Go Home   30
Reach boss room with no damage/deaths/death protection. (Excludes Gear Fortress and Challenge Mode)   
   Mid-Boss Buster   30
Defeat the mid-bosses of all 8 stages without special weapons. (1st Play)   
   Boss Buster   30
Defeat the bosses of all 8 stages without special weapons. (1st Play)   
   Demolition Man   15
[Block Man Stage] Use Chain Blast to destroy a stone wall. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   No Experiments!   10
[Acid Man Stage] Reach the boss without letting any pools change. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Fight Acid with Acid   15
[Acid Man Stage] Enter a green acid pool using Acid Barrier. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Live to Fight Another Day   30
[Impact Man Stage] Dodge all Impact Brothers and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Playtime's Over   30
[Bounce Man Stage] Destroy all balloon enemies once and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Danger! High Voltage!   30
[Fuse Man Stage] Avoid all lightning emitters and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   I Think You Dropped Something...   30
[Tundra Man Stage] Avoid all ice from Ice Swans and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Cold Turkey   15
[Torch Man Stage] Prevent Sparkey the Barbecue Turkey from re-lighting. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Explosions? What Explosions?   15
[Blast Man Stage] Avoid all exploding boxes and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Stop, Drop, and Roll   30
[GF1] Destroy all W.Blasters, M.Cones, and A.Nuts once and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Unstoppable   30
[GF2] Destroy all foes in Skull Roller area and reach the boss. (Excludes Challenge Mode)   
   Survival Skills   50
Complete Dr. Light's Trial for the first time.
3  Welcome / Site & App Suggestions and Feature Requests / Merging Expansion Playlist with the Base Game? on: June 14, 2018, 11:17:41 PM
I remember before uploading videos directly to GA was removed, we could combine our walkthroughs of a game's DLC expansions with our walkthrough of the base game, through a button in the playlist edit page that said "Add Expansion Playlist". Now it looks like that feature was removed as well, and I'd like to see it return.
4  Welcome / Site & App Suggestions and Feature Requests / New "Neo Future" Expansion for "Fast Racing Neo" coming tomorrow on: September 29, 2016, 01:06:28 PM
I had just completed my walkthrough of the base game of "Fast Racing Neo" for the Wii U, but there's a new DLC expansion called "Neo Future" coming tomorrow (9/30/16) which I also plan on recording, so I was wondering if you could add it to the database in preparation for its release.
5  Welcome / Site & App Suggestions and Feature Requests / Game Not Listed: Another Metroid 2 Remake on: August 26, 2016, 09:44:26 PM
Released: August 6, 2016

Developer: DoctorM64

Box art:
6  Welcome / Site & App Suggestions and Feature Requests / Unlisted Game Information on: August 20, 2016, 04:50:29 AM
I wanted to spread awareness of a new Mega Man fangame in the works by uploading my video of it here, and I don't see it listed on the site, so I thought I'd give some information on the game so it can be added.

Game name: Mega Man ZX Genesis


Release date: TBD (current version is Alpha 2.2)

Developer: Team Einherjar

Developer's Website:
7  Welcome / Site & App Questions and Bug Reports / Re: Video Corrupted on: August 08, 2016, 06:23:30 AM
All of my scheduled releases have become corrupted today. I removed the corrupted video from my queue and started the next one, and that came up corrupted as well. I see I'm not alone in this.
8  Discussion / Forum Games / Re: Would you rather game? on: July 29, 2016, 02:51:26 PM
40k now. I can't wait 40 years for that kind of money! Besides, maybe with wise stock investments with that 40k, maybe I can make a million sooner than 40 years.

Would you rather:

Fight a cobra with no hands


Fight a tiger with a baseball bat?
9  Video Walkthrough Recording / Recording and Editing Discussion / Re: a good free video captureing software for emulators on: July 19, 2016, 12:42:57 AM
whatever works is fine  Cheesy

My life's motto right there.
10  Discussion / Other Discussion / Re: The Latest LP on: July 19, 2016, 12:38:58 AM
I just finished Super Mario Advance 1 and 4, and I'm working on all kinds of different games right now.
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