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1  Discussion / Other Discussion / Re: Is it me? on: July 23, 2010, 08:28:51 AM

I stand corrected. Sounds like beast mode whenever all walkthroughs are truly GA in every aspect; another step forward in the right direction.
2  Discussion / Other Discussion / Re: Relationship Troubles >.< on: July 23, 2010, 08:26:45 AM
Look, I take what people think of me very seriously. First impressions and perceptions of others towards yourself go very far in life, and usually matter the most when it comes to external interactions.

First impressions are important, yes. However, you put waaay too much emphasis on a first impression. Let's say you are at a party, and you have just gotten a beer. As your walking around, a guy bumps into you and you spill your beer all over this cute girl standing next to you. (i know, cliche right??) So you apologize and blah blah blah, then if you are a good talker, have some sense of humor, and are generally a nice guy, the girl may turn out to like you rather than hate you. Even though your first impression was shitty, the only person who can make things turn out the way they way are optimistic ones, not people who are down on themselves all the time.

I actually let it control what console I play on. Why do you think I play on PS3? Because (for the very most part) the vast majority of people who play on PSN are kind, helpful, and fair; at least from my experience.

On the other hand, the majority of people (again, MY EXPERIENCE) who play on Xbox (you definitely aren't one of them, since you can use high school vocabulary and can go a sentence without using a racial or homophobic slur) tend to be holes and pick on the mediocre players. If I could, I would buy another Xbox and play with my friends from school, but chances are things would get out-of-hand and we'd all rise against each other.

Console wars are retarded, no console is better, everything revolving around XBOX/PS3 is subjective, end of story. I play both, and what i find is that the only reason that people on PS3 seem nicer is because 75% of them do not have mics, and its hard to judge a person whenever they dont speak. Yes there are alot of 11 year old holes on Xbox, trust me, but thats why there are private chats/private parties, something that PS3 doesnt allow.

I mean, can you honestly say that if me and you played on XBL (hypothetically) after this topic and its contents that you wouldn't be embarrassed to have me in your party?

That's what I'm talking about right there dude, your attitude. You assume waaaay to much, and we all know how the ole saying about assuming goes. Just because you made a bad impression the first time, doesnt mean people will dislike you forever. Yes it may take some time to work the situation out, but its all in the way you act. I'll give you a good example, everyone remembers how much of a dick Zackfan was a few months ago, right? Well he FR me online, apologized, and we played some MW2 and H3 together for awhile.

The only problem i see with your personality/the way you act are as follows:

1. Be positive, nobody like a Mr. Negativity all the time, and its been proven that those who live a more optimistic life live longer than those who dwell on the negative.
2. Be determined, life isnt fair, and things arent going to just be given to you all the time, you gotta work for it.
3. Chillax brah. You seem to stressed all the time, if your hobby is video games, then play some video game to relieve stress. Being uptight all the time is reserved for holes/preppy, snoody school girls, neither of which you aspire to be if im not mistaken.

Besides those three points, i have no beef with you. You have been here for awhile, and its only been recently that all this shit has started up regarding you, so for awhile there you were doing something right eh?
3  Discussion / Other Discussion / Re: Is it me? on: July 22, 2010, 09:43:32 AM
Unfortunately, tons of videos on this site are hosted on YouTube.

As far as i know, ALL videos as hosted via YT, directors gets theirs backed up on the site, but we dont actually have any video-hosting (that im aware of, im sure ill be corrected if im wrong)
4  Discussion / Other Discussion / Re: Relationship Troubles >.< on: July 22, 2010, 09:35:31 AM
Wow (little late, but the dude deserves criticism).....

Carbon, sounds like you were never whipped as a child, and only given like time-out or something. Honestly bro, man to man, you sound like a whiny little prick who expects everything to be spoon-fed to him, and thats saying it in a nice way.

As has been said before, your actions show exactly why you do not possess social skills, and ergo a girlfriend; hell you cant even hold a legitimate conversation online for Christ's sake. Then to have the audacity to lie to those who are only trying to help you? Tsk tsk.

Exiting your room every once in awhile is not such a bad thing, just an fyi.......

(Also, exploiting the fact that you have flaws as an excuse as to why you are not successful, is a cop-out, which would offend people like Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller, just sayin)

5  Discussion / Other Discussion / Re: Secret GA Staff Member? on: July 19, 2010, 07:39:06 AM
He was one of the first GA members (5th to be exact), back when this site revolved heavily around Stronghold clans and such, if i remember correctly.
6  Discussion / Other Discussion / Re: Renegade Flagger on youtube on: July 18, 2010, 06:43:02 AM
I know what we should do!!!!...................

( . ) ( . )   <---- Boobs!

Honestly though, who cares? If you get a wrongful suspension/ban, you can report it to Youtube, they will EVENTUALLY figure out what the reason behind your suspension was, and if your claim is accurate/true (which by everyone's posts it seems like these LPers did nothing wrong) then you will get your account back.

YT is f*cked up, everyone just needs to come to terms with it. If you were making billions of dollars a year, would you care if one of the billion members you have got a wrongful suspension? No. While everyone will play the fair card, life isnt fair, sometimes you win, and sometimes you get f*cked.

On a side note, taking someone to court over a frivolous YT disagreement has got to be one of the most ignorant things I have ever heard of, shows you what our world has come to. Not to mention that you own essentially nothing but the content of your videos in relation to your account on YT. You dont own the servers, you dont own anything from YT, you simply use it to upload your stuff.
7  Discussion / Other Discussion / Re: What underwear do you wear? on: July 18, 2010, 06:30:39 AM
Thongs, boy-shorts, essentially whatever i wind up stealing from the hot chick's drawer that lives next door.........

Seriously though, i wear boxer-briefs, and the occasional granny panties whenever my grandma comes to visit, those things are damn comfortable. Chea chea.
8  Discussion / Other Discussion / Re: What makes a man manly? on: July 18, 2010, 06:26:49 AM
I will say the man from the Old Spice commercials is pretty much a fackin man-beast (no homo)

Manliness cannot be defined by those who are not a manly, mannish man themselves.
9  Discussion / Other Discussion / Re: What does normal mean!? on: July 18, 2010, 06:25:22 AM
For example: I have a slight lisp, an interest in collecting lighters and wear womens underwear on the weekend.

You mean I'm not the only one who.....*ahem*......moving on.

As has been said above, normality is subjective. Now there are certain things that you could call 'accepted norms,' like wearing clothes out in public, keeping quiet during a play, etc. People who do the opposite of these things, for instance letting a nice, icky dog fart escape in the supermarket, is going to get you disgusted looks and an overall sense of 'oh sh*t that wasnt normal.'

Dare to be different.
10  Discussion / Other Discussion / Re: Relationship Troubles >.< on: July 16, 2010, 01:19:23 AM
What you said about men being healthy is true...most of the time.

So your telling me you would rather have a beer-belly than a washboard stomach?

I prefer personality over looks, but looks are the first means of attraction, if you dont look attractive, then the other person generally isnt interested.
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