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1  Discussion / Video Game Discussion / Re: I've Found The Worst LPer! on: October 13, 2011, 05:57:45 AM
You're supposed to run right past him and come back to him later when you're more powerful. You'd think he'd of figured that tactic out after he spent an hour fighting the tutorial boss. Dark Souls isn't hard if you're not a moron.

I don't think his fault though, and Dark Souls was made with the intent that it doesn't dumb down gameplay  and does success in challenge the gamers who is playing this game, so it's expected that you will die alot which is its tagline. He maybe going through the game at a slow pace, but he's making progress nevertheless. Every gamer doesn't play at the same pace if still interested, which is most likely not, just give to get use to the game and he'll probably, not saying he will, learn what the game is about. If not, then there are plenty of others that are playing this game. I'm currently also watching contributer here named Segfirre who uploading and is pretty good at the game, but he is not commenting though.
2  Discussion / Video Game Discussion / Re: I Have Seen The End Of Gaming... on: October 13, 2011, 01:28:19 AM
This complaint assumes:

1. that CoD would ever actually need such XP bonuses (in other words, assumes MW3 will actually have things locked til level X that are actually necessary to be successful)
2. that every can of mountain dew soda would be ingested by the one person as per the generic "blah blah blah americans are fat" routine
3. that it's actually going to affect gaming as a whole
that and it's a booster dream come true
3  Discussion / Video Game Discussion / Re: I Have Seen The End Of Gaming... on: October 12, 2011, 05:53:14 PM
Although not as bad as Mountain dew, but this has to stop. What I'm talking about are the online passes that these companies sure are getting behind, not because they're losing money, but they want more money, and they want to stop the used games market, such as play n trade or gamestop which I have a problem with because I have a tight budget and I can't pay 60 bucks for every  game that I'm interested in, so I go to a place where they sale used games and enjoy a game.  At first I didn't think nothing of it, but then when Rockstedy announced  that Arkham City would be having this type of pass on single player, I lost it and thought that they are decapitated their game by doing this and so is every other company doing this with multiplayer or single player.
4  Discussion / Video Game Discussion / Re: I've Found The Worst LPer! on: October 12, 2011, 04:48:13 PM
He's absolutely not the worst I've seen -- but not tolerable either.

And JAB, mate, I really don't see how "that's just who he is" is a defense. If there's something wrong with who, or what, a person is -- it is arguable as to whether or not it is exactly their fault ( I maintain that it is after a certain age, though exactly what one is hard to say), but still basically certain that regardless who's fault it is, there is such thing as a personality that has true negative points.

The modern proscription that any and all existences of personality are just natural, and all persons should be allowed to be exactly who they are 'naturally' is just offensive to the idea of common decency, or any ideal of morality. Granted, the kid doing these LPs hardly falls under the category of 'affront to the very concept of morality' or likewise decency. . . but he does easily fall under the category of 'lacking in self-restraint in at least one category it is very much needed'.

agreed, but I've seen worst especially when I've a man named ObviouslyJesus, yeah that his name, wrote in Minecraft, the  F word the N word and  saying racially offense  sterotypes about black people, hitting black sheep, and making a black penis at the end of the video. He's say it was about ignorance people but it's didn't help when he have stereotypes of black people in the video. and gets paid by machinima and has more subs than the guys video, but rightfully the video was taken down.
5  Discussion / Video Game Discussion / Re: Swearing in LPs on: October 12, 2011, 09:45:24 AM
I don't mind it at all, a let's play should be a time where you should be yourself unless you're crazy or trying to be a respectable let's player, but doesn't mean you should censored yourself for trying to enjoying a game being yourself. Some find swearing as a way of venting with difficult and/or unplayable video games nowadays, and others find it distracting, but when I'm watching a let's play, I expect the player to be themselves and if I have a problem with who they are, then I'll watch someone else . The LPers has their audience and I watch LPers that are interesting. That's the type of respect I would want as a let's player, and It is as simple as that.
6  Discussion / Video Game Discussion / Re: I've Found The Worst LPer! on: October 12, 2011, 07:56:52 AM
 objection Alright  yes, this is probably his worst Lp, but every Lper has the good playthroughs and the bad ones.  I do enjoy his playthroughs though and he's not always like this and just because he doesn't used capture card doesn't mean it's the crappiest quality. Imo, this audio is fine and the reason why he doesn't edit is because he like to do his footage raw with failures,deaths and complaints  kinda like Dave the Usher in the capturing raw footage department.  In some ways, I find him having more  substance than most Lper because of his persona or ego. Yes, I hate that he uses homophobic slurs but that who he is, and there isn't a damn thing we can do about it and also he's diverse with his games, but I don't know if you watch Machinima respawn but it sure does have a lot of COD players on it. If you don't his Let's plays, that's fine but don't call him the worst Lper when there are worst like Ijustine gaming who exploited her popularity as a youtube partner to get more money to by getting her fan from her original channel to her gameplay channel where DarksydePhil who lost his job in September 2010 and had been doing Lps this since 2008 mind you started getting paid by Machinima in January 2011 as a way of paying for more games and living expenses. Sorry for the long paragraph, but I feel that no one was going to defend him, especially if he doesn't even know about it.
7  Discussion / Video Game Discussion / Re: Prey 2 on: June 15, 2011, 07:37:17 AM
That's the point. The first Prey was mediocre. They took the series into a completely new direction that echos Deus Ex, and it looks great.
And beside that the first guy from prey one is making a cameo in this game from what I've heard
8  Discussion / Video Game Discussion / Prey 2 on: June 14, 2011, 06:07:23 AM
What's your opinion on Prey 2 and how it looks so far?
To me, it looks  interesting because I like what can do in the game and the presentation is very intriguing and the space bounty hunter aspect as well
9  Discussion / Video Game Discussion / Re: Halo 4 announced, oh boy oh boy here we go again on: June 14, 2011, 06:01:21 AM
Another way for Microsoft to mimic Nintendo milk their most successful franchise for what it's worth,  it's suck so hard or it's going to be a really great  game
10  Discussion / Video Game Discussion / Re: Whats your favorite console? on: June 14, 2011, 05:53:21 AM
I don't really have a favorite system because I recognize that every console (other than the Jaguar) has their gems, but if I have to chose I would chose the Sega Saturn because that the System got me into gaming.
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