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Title: Site Fixes FTW!
Post by: Maceman on September 04, 2008, 11:56:45 PM
I think I finally got the grasp of PHP. So... I went around and fixed a bunch of stuff. I also fixed some html/css layout bugs in Google Chrome.

One of the largest fixes was the sorting order of videos in the video-switcher. Guides like TyndelM's GTA4 walkthrough would have videos out-of-order in the video browser because the videos were added to the site out-of-order. But they are now in the correct order on the video-switcher because of this fix. This will also allow you to correctly re-sort your videos from the new editing page.

If you find a site bug, don't hesitate to mention it! I like to know about all the bugs, so I can either fix them or put them on my to-do list.