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Title: Reintroduction, My Name is Resobaso
Post by: Resobaso on June 26, 2020, 05:34:02 AM
If I were somehow able to remove my sense of awareness for this post I totally would but for the sake of argument, lets pretend that I can't.

About...12 ish years ago, I made a Youtube Channel named Resobaso. About 4 years later I closed it. There were a variety of reasons I did this. Least of which being I had a full-on, mental, and emotional collapse that landed me in some rough times. I wanted to return but at the time once you closed a channel you basically could never get the name back which lead to me basically calling it quits. Well, I finally found myself in a place to come back and really learn from the idiot mistakes and missteps I made all those years ago, and here I am. For better or for worse.

My channel, like myself, is RPG hoarders nightmare and wet-dream. Since coming back I have been working to do newer and even older games as well to keep a sense of balance.

My Goals are simple.
1. Expand my talents and gameplay
2. Redo ALL the games I had done back then.

For the 3 maybe 4 people who knew me back then, and those who follow me now.

Thank you. You guys mean the world to me.

And to this lovely site.

It's nice to be back <3