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Title: Looking for a partner (PS4)
Post by: NovaEcho on November 09, 2016, 04:34:08 AM
I'm looking for someone (or a group) to play Resident Evil 6 with on the PS4 if anyone is interested. But instead of a one and done type of deal, I'd like to work together long term.


1. Must play on PS4. I can only record on a PS4 right now. I do have a PS3 which I don't mind playing on that I just wouldn't be able to record my end (which is fine). I only have a macbook pro so I can't play high end games but I can do indie.

2. Must have a mic. I don't add commentary on my videos but I don't think it would make sense not to have it when playing co-op since we have to talk to each other anyways. I would prefer to use Skype (that's kind of all I know). Party chat on the PS4 would also work for me.

Time Zone: Central. I'm usually on every day but I do work during the week (6am-3pm) so the best time for me would probably be the weekend.

I have a decent library of games, if you want to know what I have you can check out my psn profile page (in my signature). Most of my collection is in there.

Let me know if you're interested! :D