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Title: Site Updates - Jan 18, 2015
Post by: Maceman on January 19, 2015, 12:18:22 AM
Stuff done recently:

  • Hovering over some of the blue arrows used around the site will now make them brighter.
  • Videos will now show comments for that whole playlist, with an option to show only comments from a particular video. The # next to the comment is the video # on that playlist. This number will be a link if it is not the video you are watching. This is a test and this change may be reverted.
  • Introduced comment up/down voting. This currently determines the sorting of comments to display the best comments first. This rating data will later be used for improved comment sorting.
  • Comments in the 'Video Comments Chatter' on forum will not be truncated to display only the first 2 lines.
  • Forum reorganized and cleaned up.
  • Added total walkthrough/playlist count on the Newest Walkthroughs boards info, displayed on the forum's front page.
  • Improved spacing between text to be more consistent between browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari).
  • Introduced YouTube Playlist Syncing. More info:
  • Added DLC tag to search results to make it easier to determine which results are DLC/expansions.
  • Fixed a bug when generating thumbnails from videos with a low number of keyframes.
  • Fixed a bug where the video encoder would sometimes think videos were longer than they really were.
  • Fixed a bug where very short videos would sometimes not properly encode.
  • Improved the display of private videos and private playlists so the video owner can more easily see them.
  • Other minor changes and fixes.

More to come.